Geo.,Ch.- 1,

A. Answer the following in one or few words.

1. The biotic component of the environment

2. The narrow zone where lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere meet

3. Environment including both biotic and abiotic components

4. The layer of the Earth that is held close to it by the force of gravity

5. The solid portion of the ear jith’s crust

B. State whether these statements are true or false.

1. The Earth is a home to only non-living beings.

2. The term Lithosphere means rocky crust.

3. Plant and animal kingdom are not dependent on the physical environment for survival.

4. Increasing population and consequent urbanization has led to environmental degradation.

5. Human environment consists of our natural surroundings.

C. Answer the following questions in one sentence.

1. Mention the importance of the atmosphere.

2. What do you mean by biotic components?

3. State one reason for environmental pollution.

4. What are the components of the ecosystem?

5. What do you mean by the term environment?

6. Give an example of an abiotic component of the environment.

D. Answer the following questions in your own words.

1. What is the importance of the Lithosphere?

2. What are the consequences of human development on the environment?

3. Distinguish between natural and human environment.

4. Discuss the relationship between environment and human beings.

5. What do you mean by an ecosystem?

Activity Time

Discuss the role of the following in checking environmental pollution. Note down the points and share your thoughts in class.

• Your household help

• The sweepers in your locality

• The Resident’s Association

• The neighbours surrounding you

• You, as a part of your neighbourhood


C. 1. It protects us from the harmful rays of the sun.

2. All living things like plants, animals and human beings

3. Deforestation is one of the causes of environmental pollution.

4. The ecosystem consists of the physical environment and plant and animal life in each zone of the biosphere.

5. Environment is the surroundings or living conditions of all forms of life on Earth.

6. Lithosphere is one of the abiotic components of the environment.

D. 1. Lithosphere provides forests, grasslands, soil and land on which we live and build our homes. We also get minerals and oil from it.

2. Construction, agriculture, mining, transportation and overpopulation are adversely affecting the natural environment. The changes are taking place so rapidly that nature is not able to repair the damage. Global warming, extinction of a large number of plants, animals and birds, and pollution of air and water are some of the consequences of technological advancement and consequent harm done to the environment.

3. The natural environment comprises of all living and non-living things that occur naturally on Earth. It is the interaction and interrelation between human beings and all the other living forms. Natural environment may be biotic or abiotic. Human environment refers to everything created by man like roads, buildings and bridges. It also refers to all human activities like mining, agriculture and manufacturing.

4. Human beings are an important component of the environment. They adapt themselves to the environment and their actions also have an influence on their surroundings. The interaction between human beings and their environment changes with place and time.

5. The biosphere is made up of separate zones in which each zone has its own physical environment and plant and animal life. This is called an ecosystem.

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