Class- 6 Grammar Ch 4. LIFE IS AN ECHO

A. 1. The son hears his own voice in the mountains.

2. The boy is angry because he thinks someone is teasing him.

3. The father tells the boy that his own words are coming back to him as a echo.

4. The boy learns that life is a reflection of our actions. It gives us back everything we give to it.

B. 1. falls, hurts himself and screams ; “Aaahhhh!”

2. the repetition of his own voice.

3. your actions.

4. everything we give to it.

C. 1. Where were a son and a father walking?

2. What did the son scream to the mountain?

3. What does the voice answer?

4. What is life?

5. What will life give you back?

D. 1. receives an answer

2. smiles

3. are a champion

4. does not understand

5. explains everything

6. is a reflection of your actions